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Ministry Teams

Helping other people get involved in the mission of Jesus Christ is more beneficial to them than it is to Crosspoint. Do you want to know how you can be a part of the most impactful thing going on here on planet Earth? Our ministry teams provide opportunities for people to be involved in the biggest game in town. Our “coach / team” approach helps people develop abilities they didn’t know they had and empowers them to assume new levels of Kingdom responsibility.

We like to think of our ministry teams as our way of “unleashing the power of everybody”. We work to provide ways for our teams to experience wins. When the “team wins” everybody wins – the community wins, spiritually curious people win, the poor, the hurting, the young, the old and the forgotten win - and most of all – Christ’s Kingdom wins.

Crosspoint has identified five ministries that we believe will be most beneficial in helping us achieve our strategy. We call them our “key result” ministries and they are:

1. Worship & Creative Arts…
Most people who consider Crosspoint their home church have “entered” the church through the Sunday morning worship. Our worship and creative arts ministries create the environment for our weekly worship and include the following opportunities for service:
~ Creative Team (stage design and construction)
~ Guest Services (coffee servers, greeters and ushers)
~ Tech Team (audio, visual and lighting techs)
~ Praise Team (band members and vocalists)
~ Sacraments (communion “stewards” and baptism servants)
~ Teaching (researchers, public presenters)

2. Children’s Ministries…
We provide nursery care for infants through age four and a kid’s church ministry for kids age 5 through 5th grade. Our children’s ministries provide the following opportunities for service:
~ Nursery (care givers, story tellers and toy maintenance personnel)
~ Kids Church (story tellers, drama assistants, and craft supervisors)
      Because we value our children all volunteers in our children’s ministries must complete a screening process.

3. Student Ministries
Our student ministries is made up of three parts: A gathering event on Sunday evenings from 6 pm – 8 pm, one-on-one mentoring and special events. So the following service opportunities are available:
~ Sunday night gathering (snack coordinator, newsletter editor and printer)
~ Weekly one-on-one (male and female mentors)
~ Concerts (coordinator)
~ Special events (coordinator)
      Because we value our children all volunteers in our children’s ministries must complete a screening process.

4. Adult Ministries
Our vision is to be a place where Jesus is “transforming lives…through His word”. In order to make our vision a reality, we have to intentionally create environments that encourage relationship development. The creation of these environments presents the following service opportunities:
~ Small Groups (host / hostess, facilitators)
~ Men’s Ministry (retreat organizers, Bible study leaders, Bible study presenters)
~ Ladies Bible Study (hostess, Bible study presenters)

5. Global Evangelization
We are always looking for people who have a heart for the world and who are willing to serve. Our global evangelization is more than just “going overseas”, but includes opportunities to show Christ’s compassion in the greater Lynchburg area and around the world.

There are other ministry areas where volunteers can serve. We call them “support” ministries and church leadership. Our support ministries include the following; Administration, Assimilation, Leadership Development, Pastoral Care, and Prayer Ministries.

Our church leadership is comprised of an Elders Council which is responsible for spiritual formation and a Local Board of Administration, responsible for the stewardship of our resources. There are defined prerequisites for serving in leadership areas.

Crosspoint is a church that believes God is not random, so we believe God has a purpose for everyone who attends this church. He has a place for each one to serve and when we help you find that place – God is really happy. So God wants us to serve you and help you discover what His plan for your life is.



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