Worship times: Sunday - 8:30am, 10am & 11:30am 
7619 Timberlake Road 
Lynchburg, VA 24502 
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OUR NAME (Identity)

The name Crosspoint reflects the heart of our church. A Crosspoint is a place of decision. It's a junction where two converging lines intersect. If you were walking along a path and came to another path crossing the one you were on, you would have reached a point of crossing; a place where which direction to take must be decided. One of our goals, as we teach through the word of God, is to see people brought to that point of decision in following after Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Plus, the Cross is the point! For, it was on the Cross of Christ where the penalty and price of the sin of mankind was paid in full and it is our common ground. We all stand at the cross with the same need no one is better than anyone else at the cross. So, at Crosspoint... we want to point people to the Cross! Because the Cross is the point!



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