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Spiritual Foundations Class

If you are new to the Christian faith or if you want to discover more about the basics of the Christian faith, or are interested in “mentoring” someone else in the Christian faith, this class provides a great opportunity to connect not only with God, but hopefully with a few people who over time will be considered friends.

During this ten week class we will cover what the Bible says about how to become a follower of the Jesus of the Bible. This class is both practical and informational.


Small Groups

What's a small group and why should I be in one? While knowing Christ is what drives life transformation, our day-to-day journey is greatly improved by living life side-by-side with other people who are also exploring and growing in their faith. Being in real-life, authentic community with other believers provides opportunity for support, encouragement, counsel, prayer, care, inspiration, and accountability—all ingredients that are essential for achieving fuller life in Christ.

One of the easiest ways to plug into real-life Christian community is to get to know ten or twelve other people in a laid back, down-to-earth setting like a small group or one of our ministry teams. Crosspoint small groups and ministry teams get together regularly (weekly, bi-weekly, even monthly) to hang out together, resource each other, serve together, and help shape each other’s lives.

Individual small groups may target people in a specific life category such as married couples with or without kids, college-aged or professionals, "prayer warriors", topical men's and women's groups, or they may be free-for-alls that welcome people from every position in life. Small groups often bleed over into attendees’ lives by providing optional opportunities to engage in social activities, exchange information via phone and email, and develop friendships with other group members.

The main point of small groups is to hang out, get to know each other as real people, connect over real life, and discover a very real God. All of the Crosspoint small groups work toward one essential end: helping people figure out how to progress one step closer to full life in Christ.


Crosspoint Membership Class

At Crosspoint we believe everyone who accepts Jesus as their only hope of rescue from sin and spiritual death is a member of the “family” of Christ. So we welcome into Community Membership anyone who has made a decision to believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that His death, burial and resurrection is necessary for our spiritual life. At Crosspoint, there are some distinct ways we represent the Christian faith and we teach that in our Membership.

We also believe that the local church is God’s plan for rescuing people from spiritual death and that requires leaders who will joyfully participate in this spiritual kingdom building effort. The Bible teaches us that the church should expect its leaders to live at a higher standard of morality and spiritual integrity so we require church leaders to identify with the church as Covenant Members.

Covenant Membership is also available for those people who do not desire a leadership position but are interested in committing to a local church at the highest level of commitment. Our Membership Class explains in detail what you can expect of Crosspoint and what Crosspoint expects of you as a Community or Covenant Member. This class is a prerequisite for Community or Covenant membership.



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